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Year 8

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Welcome to Year 8

Year 8 is a crucial year for progress and development in a student’s academic career. Our aim is to ensure students are on the right path and that together we create the right ethos. I am committed to ensuring that all students set the highest standards for themselves and others in order to create a positive learning environment for all.  Pride is essential to success and I want students to be proud of themselves and those who represent year 8. Year 8 students now have the privilege of becoming role models for younger students and this is a privilege that cannot be taken for granted. I expect students to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner with pride and determination at all times.

Through support and challenge we want all learners to ASPIRE to fulfil their full potential now and in the future. We, as a school, are dedicated to setting the highest standards in order for students to achieve the highest rewards.

In year 8 we seek to tailor the tutor programme to concentrate on literacy and learning skills. Students are individuals and we seek to embrace those individual needs and styles to enhance learning. By developing learning skills students have the tools with which to progress in their education.

I am proud to be leading year 8 at this exciting time at Ashfield School. Year 8 is full of promise and we strive to be the best. I set high expectations and standards and I know that every youngster has the ability to achieve them.


Mr J Carter
Achievement Leader Year 8

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Tutor Groups


Mr J Lickley


Mr M Cartwright






Mr N Morris


Miss H Metcalf

  Miss N Brough  



Miss D Wilson


Mrs T Pedley





8CH1 Ms N Mumtaz 8TH1

Mr J Carlin


Mrs J Booth




Mr J Helan


Miss C Hopewell


Miss L Palethorpe


Mr P Clavin


Mr S Peacock






Mrs I Hopkins


Mrs P Joynes






Miss S Jepson


Miss G Storey






Mrs L Thomas


Miss C Frith


Miss N Brough


Miss A Sweeney





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